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Surprising Parents With Their Dream Car Compilation Part 13 – Try Not To Cry Challenge – 2018

Surprising Parents With Their Dream Car Compilation Part 13 – Try Not To Cry Challenge – 2018

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  1. If you're going to work a camera, know how to do it!!! I got "seasick" trying to watch this at 2:15!!! Geez!!!!

  2. Fuck my dad i would give him a nice worm shit as a gift

  3. The first car is literally my least favorite car made currently. I tell people all the time it's a minivan without sliding doors

  4. That first one cant be touched!

  5. You’ve got aLl tHaT sToRaGe

  6. Anyone have a black 1959 Pontiac Catalina Convertible with white interior and a 389 factory tri-power engine? I take donations. 😁
    seriously though, these people are awesome for doing this for their parents. I just wish I could do that for mine.

  7. man those old american muscle cars damn,, only real men drove those xD i cant imagine 50 years from now when kids surprise there parents with a dream tesla or someshit xD

  8. La première 😂😂dame le suv rouge génial 😂😂

  9. Jesus lady….settle thefockdown……..

  10. That first video was freaking awesome!!!! Best reaction ever.❤

  11. The color on that 1960 Impala is beautiful, I believe it's called "Suntan Copper-tone". BTW, that Impala is worth more than the rest of the cars combined.. 11:00

  12. This car was the most unstable car chey ever built 59,60 impala, at 60 mph the back wings would make it drift

  13. 1:25 ,охуенные эмоции!!!!

  14. Awww the first lady’s reaction was priceless

  15. You raised them well. The beauty of family.

  16. I'm not sure the first woman should be driving.

  17. You know it’s good when the neighbors are outside.

  18. Best present for your parents is to leave their basement unoccupied…

  19. 1:33, Dad grabbing the Biscuits…

  20. For a few seconds at 9:20 I was thinking that he's going to have a hard time getting into the car, but instead he just slipped in like an old champion.

  21. No way can 7.45 be a dream car 😂😂

  22. Jeez…watching the second video brought back my vertigo.

  23. Why is it that speaking Spanish in parking on the lawn always go hand-in-hand?

  24. What year was the car that the old Georgia boy got?

  25. Pavel dalesssandro

    Wow how she do that from people speaking to dog crying wow lucky husband who wife a dog lol

  26. Red Chevy Impala………………….gorgeous car and superb design……………keep ya modern day jelly mold crap

  27. That last car, thats my dream car.

  28. first lady sounds like the joker

  29. That first lady is awesome.

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