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How To Paint A Car At Home / $100 Paint By Urekem / Flat – Matte – Satin Black Paint Job

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Paint Used: https://shop.thecoatingstore.com/Satin-Black-Car-Paint-2K-Urethane-15-Gallon-Kit-KPUB100S-GKIT.htm. How To Paint Your Car…diy…Step by step process of spraying a single stage flat black / satin black on a 2004 Volkswagen Jetta. I’ll take you through all the steps from stripping the car down, finding dings and dents, body work, spraying Rustoleum Primer, wet sanding primer, painting door jambs, restoring headlights, masking car off, scuffing factory paint, mixing single stage paint to painting the car in my homemade paint booth. Any questions feel free to ask… SprayWayCustoms

Products used:
Paint – Urekem / KemPhlats Hot Rod Flat Black / Satin Black
Primer – Rust-Oleum Aerosol Spray Can
Gun Used – satajet 3000 B RP with a 1.3 tip

You Can Use The Same Process To:
Paint A Truck
Paint A Van
Paint a Boat
Paint A Diesel
Paint A Motorcycle
Paint A Tractor
Paint A Lawn Mower

Other options for a Flat Black / Matte Black / Satin Black Paint look would be Vinyl Wrap Your Car or Plasti Dip Your Car….just really up to you


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  1. Visit : https://spraywaycustoms.com/ for New & Used Spray Guns & Parts

  2. Do you do callab video's? Im not that far from you… Peace

  3. Can u post a link of the paint? I can't find it online anywhere

  4. hey i have the same car and im in alabama as well. i need you

  5. bonsia trees/seeds and plants for beginners Paton

    Been watching all your videos u have some skill with the paint.loved the door panels u done.how much would u charge for a job like that?can u do a video on pinstriping please thanks

  6. I’ve been watching your videos for a few days and I like how you do your work. im trying to learn how to paint my 2001 pontiac sunfire that i just purchased .. came with dents and deep scratches , messed up fender & a door without hinges ( i believe) so it doesnt shut all the way . im in the process of replacing the door, fender and hood myself. i was wondering if or when you see this .. could you email me mikealae.norris@gmail.com or give me a way to contact you. I am in Alabama and would like for you to paint my car if you are able to.

  7. You are a true professional. I would like you to paint my ride. Too bad I'm in Texas. Great job.

  8. You’re videos are awesome! Thanks for sharing your talent!

  9. Yo where you at ?

  10. I hope that owner of the car cleaned up that interior, dressed up that rubber all around and rims to match!
    Not too sold on the textured grille…I thought about doing texture on my grille and rims…but sanded smooth just looks a lot cleaner imo. But I can't lie…detail was kept on your end…you can only do so much "on the house"…like I say, I hope the owner did what I mentioned and appreciated this paint job.

  11. Mayne….I'm sitting here Christmas morn watching this like it's a good movie! 😂 fire bro!

  12. That's right! Attention to detail…make it worthy of the paint! That car was dirty and beat up and would look rotten if not prepped. I dont know the exact percentage in the old saying…BUT I say 99% prep..1% paint!!! Is best

  13. Hey that turned out really good for single stage! I was going to fixmydents, fix body damage, flat black primer mine, and drive it like that till I get the money to paint it. Paint and clear coats not cheap!

  14. Thanks my brother one day you will have my car to paint one day love you

  15. Still trying to get the money together for my paint man but I got to fix the body on this Eclipse first it has a lot of dents. I temporarily paying my fenders with enamel one stage aerosol cans I just sand that off when I spray it with the spray gun? Then my hood I sprayed with epoxy primer Last Summer do I send that and then put base coat on it or do I have to spray epoxy again first? Hey I subscribe and follow all your stuff you are awesome and I am still learning so thanks for the help.

  16. Yo, that headlight job was the most sexy shit I ever seen. Pure magic.

  17. I need to come see this man.

  18. Awesome paint job! Dayum the headlights job was off the chain

  19. J's Crazy Cutz, LLC

    Good step by step instructions. Appreciate the detailed info….I know your coworker was happy with that.

  20. I see you are from madison county area? Do you happen to buy paint from Byrd’s Automotive?

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