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How to Correctly Install an Aftermarket Car Stereo, Wiring Harness and Dash Kit

Learn how to install an aftermarket car stereo on your own!

Full explanation on our blog: http://blog.qualitymobilevideo.com/car-stereo-wiring-guide/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Video&utm_campaign=Correctly-Install-Car-Stereo

Downloadable guide: https://cdn.qualitymobilevideo.com/downloads/dl/file/id/591/product/28815/car_stereo_wiring_diagram.pdf?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Video&utm_campaign=Correctly-Install-Car-Stereo

We take you through the steps of wiring a Clarion NX404 Double DIN navigation system. First we walk you through the steps of preparing the Metra wire harness and the connections to the Clarion Double DIN radio. In the second step, we take you through the process of mounting the radio to the Metra Dash kit and preparing to install the radio in the vehicle.

Video Chapters:
0:16 Cut cables to size
0:23 IPower wire explanation
0:42 Metra harness to vehicle
1:15 Matching our wires
1:24 Our method of crimping
3:20 Completed harness
3:30 Extra wires
3:40 Why no ground connection?
3:58 Plugging into the radio
4:05 Installing the dash kit
4:48 Testing the wires with a voltmeter
5:00 Continuity test with voltmeter
5:20 Completed Harness. What Next?

If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask us below.

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Order a Car Stereo Here: http://www.qualitymobilevideo.com/car-video/lcd-monitor/in-dash-monitors.html?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Video&utm_campaign=Aftermarket_Stereo-Installation

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  1. U have a video how to install kit double kit on Ford fusion sle 06

  2. I saw those RCA cable for speakers. My thing is the interface I bought have it but my stereo speaker wires doesnt have it. Can I just cut the RCA then follow the color for speakers?

  3. nice video , i have a challenge for you , could you make one for double din on a mini cooper r56 2007 model

  4. Are you for real? Match the colors, bend, crimp. You need 6 minutes for that? Wasted 30 seconds of my damn life for no useful information

  5. This is so dumb

  6. I followed your instructions and connected this to that and put this to here and we're all good but my car transformed into Bumblebee and I can't transform it back to a normal car even though you explained it really good for nerds who already know how to do it.

  7. so why doesnt the stereo remember the song, when its turned off? this is annoying… i have it hooked to a 12 volt battery, in my bike.

  8. What happens if you don’t ground to the frame??

  9. What is key4 key3 wire on m'y radio tanks

  10. Hi I am having Hyundai i20 (2011). i would like to upgrade my music system to touch screen by my self. It has 3 connector (A,B,C1,C2,C3 connectors [ISO 10487] ) . My car already have Bluetooth and steering wheel controls (Track changer, mute,volume control, call on off button. please tell me suitable touch screen music system and harness adapter. and will my steering wheel control work after upgraded?. Thanks.
    ( for picture reference : http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/car-entertainment/66069-take-out-your-i20-hu.html)

  11. This was a good video if I wanted to learn about joining wires together. It had very little to do with installing a stereo.

  12. i have on one end 2 yellows… on the another end on yellow… do i have to eliminate one yellow (from the side that has 2)…. or mix all 3?

  13. I have a question, I just installed a Kenwood DDx25BT using and it comes on but when I turn the suv off and back on it automatically goes back to the startup screen, what do I need to check? Thanks.

  14. Nice video but there are some mistakes here.
    Never twist the wire before crimping – this bulks out the wire and may come loose over time through vibration.
    Never fold over the end of the wire either – bulks the wire for no reason – just use the correct size crimp/butt connector.
    Also – crimps are better than solder – you can get a dry join on solder that will disintegrate over time and come loose.
    Use the correct size crimp in the first place and with a heat shrink boot over the top.

  15. My car dies ever since I installed my radio

  16. every video i saw on youtube has the harnesses connected differently that i have in my car… I can't figure it out…Here, as the other videos the wires are connected between themselfs and on the one end two plugs on the other side one plug…In my car i has two plugs on one side but the wires need to go into a harness directly that comes out of the car(it is the other way arond)…how do i connect that?

  17. Is there a company out there that sells the wiring harness already complete without all of these butt connectors or soldering? I can't believe it's 2018 and someone doesn't make these wiring harness's totally vehicle specific were we can just plug the ends in and be done with it. It would be much quicker.

  18. Mine turns on but no sound

  19. Yea the two times ive had butt connectors installed with a cd player i had all sorts of issues. first time was done by a PROFESSIONAL installer and had to go back to the place 2 times because of loose wires and bad sound. Ended up taking the radio out myself and cutting the wires and re doing them with electrical tape. Never had a issue. Second time i tried the butt connector myself. I crimped down with a actual tool that gave the proper pressure for the size wire and all. ended up with the same issue like years prior when i was a teen. Ripped it out and tape and twisted it as well. Ever since ive only ever taped and twisted my systems. I have a truck that i did when i was 18 that my brother still has and never has had a issue with my install. ELECTRICAL TAPE FTW

  20. Need to know what to do with the ground cable?

  21. I found this video because of the "metro" type of harness. As background info, we have a 2000 National Tropi-Cal RV with a Ford F53 engine. We're removing the old radio/cassette player (Audiovox IM500). I received the color schematic for this radio from ASA (who did original install) so I can match up the wires (by color and function) from the old to the wires on the BOSS Audio 508UAB Car Stereo – Single Din radio we purchased. We purchased a wiring harness Metra 70-1771 Radio Wiring Harness for Ford/Lincoln/Mazda 1998-Up into Car, 16 Pin) (but apparently there is NO plug that matches behind the dash). Instead, we actually have the one like you show in this video. Here's the difference (and my question), the original radio wires didn't have the TWO wires (+ and -) like the new radio/CD player. Do they go into the SAME place? Hope I don't sound too ignorant…but this will be my first time doing this (and my hubby's). We were thinking to match up the corresponding old wires with the new wires (to the matching speakers, and also ignition, ground, and battery (probably sauter them instead of using the butt connectors). Think this will work? If not…do you have any suggestions? Sorry this is so long!

  22. What is the solid blue antenna wire used for

  23. So if i wire my costant with my accessory wire to a constant would that make a problem

  24. I understand which wire goes to what and even the colors and how to solder as I have an electronics background. What you do not do is explain which connector goes to what and why as when you purchase an install kit it comes with multiple connectors with all the same wires and no explanation of which connector goes to what.

  25. Where can I buy those 2 metal brackets u used mate be perfect for my mk5 golf tdi

  26. Sir.i have pioneer4200nex device.i buy this device from accidental car market.when i switch on this device its show some passowrd.can you help me how to remove this password otion or how to factory reset this device

  27. mistake lemilica

  28. Terrible explanation. U go so fast. How do u expect anyone to follow. The reason people watch these programs is because they can't do it so they go online to find out how. Waste of time

  29. I came to see where the ground goes and he skipt it.

  30. Didn't cover installing parking brake wire or other car leads. Why did I even watch this it's not comprehensive..

  31. Where exactly would you ground at black wire?

  32. Guillaume Gaudreault

    "Go ahead and {insert instructions}"

  33. I have all my wires properly crimped together except for an orange dimmer light going to the stereo harness, because the wire harness for my stereo didn't come with dimmer wire but for the factory harness I do. What should I do?

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