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Destroying A Car I Purchased From The Facebook Marketplace..


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Hi guys Got Scammed Can You Donate Me

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  1. Get childish tatooed on ur spine with glow in the dark ink

  2. Buy a Rolex and give it to a homeless person

  3. You should fill a trampoline full of crisp packets and jump off the roof

  4. You’re a complete child if you don’t send me a shirt for my birthday December 10. Don’t be childish. Chhhiiiilllllddddddisssshhhhhhhhh

  5. Take a bath in Natural Source Mint shower gel

  6. Yo can you guys do more painful videos again

  7. YOU KNOW ABOUT BONES?!?!?!?!?!?!

  8. Its yo girl summer

    Fill the car with custard

  9. Can phelan fuck off he is the only one that is not funny

  10. Needed that car aswell

  11. This was shit honestly

  12. whats the last clip with rommel and the security guard??

  13. When's the wedding ?

  14. Come to my house and give me all your money then leave #tgfdoit

  15. what’s the song at 5:38

  16. Try find a date, go to her house, say that youre gonna shag her, but just before you do it, you just leave, and of course, call her childish

  17. Go on a flight and cause the plane to go back to the airport

  18. Become delivery drivers, and just make the deliveries awkward af

  19. How’s this for a top hit tgf… “TGF smokes weed” 🙌😭🤣 #tgfdoit

  20. Take a bath in hand sanitizer

  21. Bring back Christmas Calendar in December?

  22. I need that checkered childish hoodie

  23. outro song pls giv

  24. Go on the apprentice just to call lord sugar childish #tgfdoit

  25. Play tiny tanks on roblox and every time u die eat a raw egg or chicken or something

  26. Still a better car than the one I got

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