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10 Things A Car Driver Should Never Say


Do you like being a car passenger? We don’t. Here are 10 things drivers say that can make your journeys even worse…
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“There It Is” by Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com)
“Aces High” by Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com)


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  1. 1:36 Top 10 legendary quotes

  2. How could you!!!!!!!!!

  3. Window locks i need try that one

  4. Who cares about Audi, when you can have Volvo? XD

  5. The police in Hungary just bought a boatload of these same cars for themselves.

  6. The dog’s not new, this is new!

  7. 2:42 Alex slammed the door

  8. The dog is for sure not new anymore…

  9. Still hilarious

  10. I still haven't done my driving test, and one time when we were driving from college, my dad straight up told me to hold the wheel and turn for him. We were in the middle of a busy road and the only thing I could think was "you idiot".

  11. Nice vid👍

  12. Window lock is a fantastic invention 😂 my mates don't think so though

  13. მაია კუკავა

    The faces doe 3:05

  14. Don't slam the doors !

  15. This what makes road trips fun

  16. he actually put diesel in there why

  17. What is up with the Phil Collins shit?? You don't play that in ANY car!

  18. 1:16 Teslas autopilot being tested

  19. Rixellious Japutra

    The dog's not new, this is new

  20. ISuck AtEverything

    Omg this is illumanatti confirmed 666,666 veiws (almost)

  21. 2:40 my dad is listening it 😂

  22. Omg the door slamming one. I had a car that you really didn't have to slam, you could close very easily… and my friend would slam it as hard as he could. It'd piss me off, I told him about it and he still kept doing it lol

  23. "The dogs not new this is new"lmfao😂

  24. 2:15 Thats a gorgeous road

  25. GamerNot Foundroblox

    "the dogs not new this is new!!!"

    *dogs come and bites his leg*

  26. Your face expression is dam funny

  27. I can't get over these Phil Collins jokes…I feel so included because I am the only one of my friends who likes him too! . lmao…seriously though…f#$% em, I'll play it in the car regardless of whom is riding with me. Muahahaha

  28. You didnt put diesel in lol i saw the handle

  29. Arab lose date proposed essay toilet radical sale profession suppose.

  30. The only thing a car guy should say is…


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