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10 Mind-Blowing Facts About President TRUMP’S Vehicle

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President Donald Trump is a polarizing figure, but what everyone can agree on is that he doesn’t do things halfway. Bigger seems to always be better in his opinion, and his presidential vehicle is no exception to this rule. You might think you know a thing or two about cars because you know how to change your own oil, but this custom Chevy is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced on the road. If the aptly titled Beast were to find its way into the world of Max Max, it would not only survive, but survive even against the most harrowing of conditions. No other vehicle on the road would stand a chance when stacked up against this one. It it more reinforced than even some military vehicles.

You may think the height of luxury is when your car comes with an extra cup holder, but Trump’s limousine comes with its own airplane. The Beast is impressive enough on its own, but it comes with own entourage. Bulletproofing is a good start, for sure, but this vehicle is made to withstand even a chemical attack. Our trunks may be used to transport our grocery shopping and store our spare tires, but Trump’s contains spare oxygen, weapons, and you won’t believe what bodily fluid is coagulating in there. Even often overlooked parts like the tires and fuel tanks are made to withstand attack. And in addition to being defensive, the Beast is stocked with weapons of its own, even some of the nuclear variety.


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  1. 10 Mind-Blowing Facts About President Trump's PLANE!

  2. shouldn't this be a secret

  3. Yes if Trump farts it will turn him purple with the perfect seal the car has….so no protection there

  4. More like pornHUB

  5. Lol he's still your President

  6. SplitMind Presents

    You got it wrong is not Trump’s vehicle is the presidents vehicle

  7. I'm pretty sure a tank is more armoured

  8. What is a Butt-un? Must be the secret wepon

  9. It’s amazing how such a amazing vehicle can carry a guy like trump

  10. Does man really have a p90 in his door

  11. Im A Stegasaurus-rex

    "Its doubtful that there is a more heavily armored vehicle in the world"
    Um what about a tank? M1 Abrams, T-90? Like I bet you could get a SHERMAN and blast a hole through that thing, and tanks have cannons too (kinda not really, sorta like big guns which is essentially what a cannon is, modern AT guns are practilly modern cannons, as well as tank guns) (cannons were used (more specifically longer ago when gun powder was discovered to before tanks or artillery was invented) to destroy walls (heavy fortified areas, fortresses)) conclusion, cannons were used to destroy fortresses/heavily fortified areas and a tank cannon/gun is just a overly destructive cannon (I love them) so a tank should be able to blast a hole through that thing and tanks were not able to blast through another tank at times (t-34 as example as the angle of the front helped richoche the shell away and thanks to trigonometry was technicly thicker than it really was, there for more protective) and the beast has no protection compared to a m1 Abrams (if i remember right) the modern U.S tank (yes i know I'm comparing a U.S tank to the U.S presidential vehicle) or perhaps the t-90 (Russian tank revealed to the public not very long ago, if i remember right (most modern tank I think too)) which would definitely be able to bust a while straight through the beast as older Russian tanks have adapted a special rocket which burst through the tanks further outlayer of armor then melting into the tank exploding one more (most likely wrong but idk) capable on penetrating and destroying a m1 Abrams tank.

    Please correct me if i am wrong I just heard it and relised how stupid it sounded and… yeah wasted my life once more
    (Musta been why Karen left and took the kids)

  12. Please try and be factual, this is not" president Trumps vehicle". It is the presidential limousine paid for by the U.S. taxpayers.

  13. holy fuck the narrotors voice is quiet af

  14. i'd be more excited to see the president wave at me in a crowd with this car if trump wasn't president

  15. Someone should blow that shit up rip old motha fucker

  16. Why on earth is this vid recommended to me. I'm not even American. I see you YouTube and friends

  17. Sergio boy 559 ferrer

    The plane says Royal Air Force

  18. PewDiePie PewDiePie

    Fuck this

  19. bullet proof is wrong. nothing is bullet proof. bullet resistant is what you mean

  20. Vehicle stronger than this, Volvo 240

  21. I like how Obama is sitting in the back of Trump's tank haha

  22. Watch it in 1.25x
    Believe me

  23. Name one thing on the presidents vehicle, that was made by or serviced by a woman…

  24. 1965 Volkswagon Type 2

    If I was the president I wouldn’t care about safety I would have a presidential Lamborghini and drive it myself no bulletproof stuff or anything maybe some spike traps or tear gas tho that’s pretty sick and an ak in the trunk (or hood I guess I have no idea what it would even be called with the trunk on the front a trunk or hood????)

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